No Mercy

No Mercy is a fitness training program which comprises of different fitness activities to build strength, inch loss, weight loss and body toning. The success rate of this program is very high since its inception. Till now New 18 Hours fitness studio has been successfully completed 16 No Mercy Versions and the current one is Ver 16.1.

No Mercy is a program of 30 days, 45 days, 60 days and 90 days of extensive fitness training to achieve your fitness goal. It consists of Aerobics, Pilates, Weight Lifting, Cardio work outs, Zumba, Dance, Wushu and outdoor exercises. “No Mercy”- 30 days with different kinds of work outs and following an uncompromising diet plan gives you a success rate. This is a group activity of fitness program which keeps you motivating to achieve your fitness goal.

98% of the participants have the success stories in No Mercy. Hence after the successful call of 3 versions of No Mercy program, recently 18 Hours fitness studio has taken a step in advance and has initiated Version 3.1 of No Mercy. This is a fitness training program of 90 days with an aim to meet the satisfaction levels of our clients. After the 3.1 advanced version it has taken a leap to join the version number 15 for advanced fitness training.